Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Was anyone else scared at the creepy events described in the diaries of that cinnamon island when we were kids?  I suppose this applies to those of us that have been living for 20-30 years.  I was literally uncomfortable with what I was reading.  The music only aided to my raw feelings.  In Electric Type's new E.P., "The Ghost in the TV", these feelings reemerge from my psyche.  How the hell did that kitten give birth to the monster?  Why did other presentations refer to this monster as a genetically engineered creature?  I like to think that the answers to these questions can be found within "The Ghost in the TV."

Of the four tracks, "Ball Lightning" is the piece that strongly stands out to me.  This beautifully orchestrated work is the most reminiscent of my 8 bit childhood.  Who knew that techno could be so edgy and yet so classic?  The sister track to "Ball Lightning" is titled "Foo" and I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed with Joe Sleppy's (Electric Type's alter ego) conceptual design of this artistic product.  Read up about the relationship between foo fighters and ball lightning if you are curious.  

The percussion on these tracks is simply phenomenal.  This is the most engaging percussion that I have heard from Electric Type to date.  His use of instrumentation and sampling is uncanny.  From the traveling guitar-like samples to alien synthesis, this is the supernatural creature of modern technology.  Additionally, these beats make my body move!  Next time I'm at the club Imma be all like "you got anny tv ghost beats"?  And if he/she decline, I will respond with "you and all the other DJs are so god damned much like the same person.  If I ask if you both want a Ded Rat vinyl, you both accept."  

Electric Type is a true diamond amongst modern techno artists.  His music never sounds like what you expect.  It keeps the mind engaged as well as the body when you are doing a dance like Jack Handey's funny cowboy dance (Jack, if you are reading this, how much will it cost me to see this dance in real life?).  You can find "The Ghost in the TV" on iTunes and feel free to visit the official website for more information on Electric Type - http://officialelectrictype.com/

-Remy Drake out

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dan Weingart's new musical project is titled The Great Year and he gave the world his new "Summer EP."  I can only hope that he wants to express an indelible season of his life through the artistic outlet that he knows best - paintin' pictures.  Ironically, he decided to compose music.  

We enter into a room with an atmospheric intro whispering words to us.  It is somewhat reminiscent of a future musical truth (more on that later).  I never heard my grandson sing until he sent me some recordings (preceding this album release) and yes, Weingart will be irked when he discovers that I still refer to him as my "grandson" (Dan is the 3rd leader of my creation known as Pittsburgh Electronic Musicians).  His voice is soothing with just a slight side of haunting.  As odd as that sounds, I think that I may be less attracted to the voice in these pieces if it did not haunt me just a little.  You be the judge of that.  By you, I mean Sarah Slater of course.  

Dan seems to be speaking to someone.  This "someone" is most likely a romantic person.  I must romanticize this!  Sir Daniel WeingarthVader is a cyberpunk violinist lusting after an Aztec princess that ended up in the present day society through the use of forgotten Azteknology.  A train was involved and may have created a love triangle.  He states:  "I didn't have time to call you back."  Really?  AN AZTEC PRINCESS?  STFU!  Stick To Foreign Uvula (after you shut the fuck up).  

At one point in the series, a choral ensemble-type situation covers me.  By me, I quite obviously mean Elizabeth Braddock.  I am writing this blog in a multitude of broken sections.  This work of art takes me to an array of different locations and gives me alternating thoughts of lucidity and acidity.  It is a mesmerizing experience.  From choral walls, to styles reminiscent of The Doors and allusions to newer artists like Washed Out.  The music is honest and attractive.  And you know what?  Dan's voice at the end becomes merely soothing (without that hint of haunting) and I miraculously love it.  Musical resolution-function.  I do believe that is a sentence.  You, musical that resolution-function.  

The Great Year's Summer E.P. was inspiring.  It was heartwarming.  I never wanted it to end.  I speak in cliches because it took my breath away.  I cannot thank Dan enough for forming these compositions.  I paid for this because I do not steal music and because I personally know Dan but I still feel that he did ME an extraordinary favor.  This is the value of art.  This is the value of MUSIC.  It is why I compose.  It is why I live.  It is precisely why I cannot enjoy anything more than giving a friend or a stranger something that brings new love to their lives.  Daniel WeingarthVader, I salute you.  

By the by, I do not know anyone named Sarah Slater and I thank the Demiurge for that...

-Separation Anxiety