Wednesday, March 21, 2012

February 11th, 2012 - KEEP RACHIN' PART 2 "Run Into the Shadows"

I previously mentioned that I attended a rock concert before the Allentown Symphony performance on this I do not believe in fateful night.  How did I manage to make time in my schedule for three concerts in one weekend?  It must have been the M.B.A. in me.  At the Crocodile Rock Cafe, I witnessed The Base 5 and also caught a fragment of Momento Mori's set.  

The Base 5 entered and rocked!  Rock rock rock rock rock rock rock.  Best sentence ever.  I noticed that the drummer in particular was a fusion reactor of energy on stage.  I am not sure if I have ever seen a musical personality become this attractive.  Musicians often look bored, pissed off, or simply unsatisfied on stage but Bob Bradford grabbed his sticks and beat his drums like a monkey typing the letter S (good luck understanding that referAnce).  

All of the members exhibited clear talent in the face of danger.  Matt Dragovich played bass with a funky groove.  A friend of mine once said that he hated bass players without a clear understanding of rhythm.  I would venture to say that Dragovich is not easy to despise, plus he has a cool name.  Additionally, Matt Coffman sang some notes that were pretty aight.  His tone was clear and his voice penetrated the wall of guitar so that the audience could create a necessary connexion.  M. Coffy also picked up an axe and informed the audience that he just learned how to play it yesterday.  He was very good for his second day.  

Steve Collins was the man with the master plan of convincing Orenda that this was a good option for a Saturday night.  I had high expectations of his guitar playing.  Collins was a man of his rock.  He integrated several decades of guitar playing into one deceptively standard body of thought.  The notes went down smooth like a Delirium Tremens.  I would probably say that he had soul in his playing but given my nature of beliefs, that would be like saying that he has nothing in his playing.  Come on, who would say that?  

The Base 5 were truly enjoyable but before I forget, let's talk about Momento Mori.  This was an acoustic duo of depressed boys named Jack and Ace.  Audience vibes suggested that they were not exactly favored.  Take a guess as to how I felt about them.  If I conceptualized the audience as a living entity, I would be all like “Slot off, frag face!”  This might end with me going to Poco Chiba but I can dig it.  To conclude, check out The Base 5 if you like Rachin' out and check out Momento Mori if you like mash-ups of Leonard Cohen and mating wombats.  

-Stark in need of the Cyber-Heart

Friday, March 9, 2012

February 11th, 2012 - KEEP RACHIN' PART 1 “Hey, where did you get that statistic?”

This blog will be split into two separate articles that chronicle a weekend of absurd activities. It will be in moderately non-sequential order. On Saturday night, I visited the Crocodile Rock Cafe to see a rock concert and then went to Allentown Symphony Hall to hear classical music. Part one begins at the Allentown Symphony Hall and ends at the same place on the next day (what in the world???) There was a disjunct. Enjoy.

As I entered the hall, I became instantaneously overjoyed. A.S.H. is lovely and circulates an air of beauty throughout my body. The staff and patrons are kind, classy, and educated. Just the way I like em! I said hi to a few friends and made my way to my seat. I like to surprise myself with the program so I only open it up after I arrive. Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Wagner, and Strauss were going to be my companions for the evening.

Simon Mulligan was the soloist for this performance and somehow made me enjoy a Mozart piano concerto (number 21). What a joik! How the frag could he do this to me? Despite years of formal study of classical music, I have always had a hell of a time trying to enjoy old Wolfygang but Simon played his music with such a personality and fervor that I was grippingly entertained. With the lights dimmed, this was dangerous.

These selections were quite fulfilling and I'll be damned if Diane Wittry doesn't have some kind of unique energy to her that feeds a glorious sound to the hall. I think the feminine approach to conducting makes me enormously attracted to these concerts. You might say that emancipation of the feminine intellect is the first step to unleashing the depths of the human mind. To quote Andy Kindler, “I think therefore AM I RIGHT LADIES???”

After this performance, I was informed that Simon Mulligan was going to play some jazz after the Sunday matinee performance of this concert. I wouldn't miss this for the human incarnation of Betsy Braddock (or would I??? Yes, I would). Simon was sleek and sexy when he jazzed up the Rodale Community Room. I was sort of hoping that he would venture into some odd dimensions in his solos but I received some reasonably standard work. It was excellent none the less. When I approached Simon afterwards, I asked him about his compositions and if he ever did anything more eccentric. He seemed indifferent towards the idea of wowing an audience with instances of foreign genius. More importantly, since he was English, I asked him if he liked Depeche Mode. My words were: “Since you're from England, are you part of the 50% of England that likes Depeche Mode or are you part of the 50% that hates Depeche Mode”? His response was: “HEY, WHERE DID YOU GET THAT STATISTIC”? He also confirmed that he did like Depeche Mode. Score!

To be continued...

Tune in next week for an account of the physical manifestations of The Base Five that preceded the events above. Same Orenda time, same Orenda channel.