Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GO TRIO – Three Men of Various Ages

Another occurrence of live jazz music pulled me to Allentown Symphony Hall.  Perhaps the unconscious universe must have some clout Without Regard to desired faith.  I arrived with no preparation for the performers and discovered that my entertainment for the evening was Go Trio with Jeannie Brooks.  Ignoring chronology, my brother decided to come into town to visit me on the day of the performance.  Shaman hates jazz with a passion.  Even if jazz were the name of my pet hedgehog, he would still hate it.  I had every intention of enjoying this situation.  

Reasonably Conservative Jazzism was the term that I applied to the musicians after they began.  The key area of R.C.J. is the reasonableness.  The energy of the Avant Garde is not solely dependent on complete shock.  Is this making sense?  The point is that an incessant search can only fail due to circumstances of death.  Eric Moe taught me that the intellect will appear in the music somewhere.  Don't give up and above all else, “Don't Panic.”  

Jeannie Brooks joined the trio after some introductory music.  I would call her an “entertainer” if I wanted to convince people to attend one of her shows.  That would probably win them over.  Her voice  packed a hard bite and expressed itself diversely.  Was this real or was it Manorexia?  Was this fate or was it chance operations?  Was this madness or was it one of Jim Lee's creations?  If you picked up on any of those three referAnces, we should be friends.  Around this time, I was  questioning Shaman on what he believes about music.  He told me that he thinks that music is good based on the “feeling” that it gives you.  File under R for “Remember”.  

Gene Perla led the trio with some magnificent bassism.  That is not to be confused with distaste for other instruments.  My brother described him as “a bass player that always wanted to play electric guitar because he is really getting into it at times but it's not [noticeably] doing anything [extra].”  Gene's right-hand man was a pianist by the name of Sean Gough.  Sean was my favorite musician of the group.  The possibility exists that I might be slightly reverse-bassist because I love to play piano.

I dashed over to catch Sean after the conclusion.  This was the best part of the night.  First off, I have to mention that Sean looks remarkably similar to one of my best friends in the entire universe.  See picture and compare it to the legendary and lethal Paul Mcgranite.  Doppelganger Paul, go back to queen Doppelpoppelus.  Sean and I had an instantaneous connexion.  We talked for no more than five minutes but discussed life at 24, talked of the joys of live music, and fist bumped over Sun Ra.  In reference to said fist bump, Sean said:  “That is probably the only time this has ever happened.”  We both laughed ferociously.  Lastly, I asked Sean what he liked most about music.  He talked of “the feeling it gives you.”  Have I been missing the point all of these musical years?

-Spartan out

Note:  strange experiences may occur while writing blogs at Symphony Hall.