Tuesday, July 17, 2012


College was the point in my life when I began to formulate concrete perspectives and morals on everything from war to music.  I attempted to remove as much bias as possible from my rationality and break my thoughts down to intellectual atoms.  Spelunking took place in caves that the usual mind would never explore.  Sadists deserve my sympathy, marriage should not be a large social concept, "born this way" is irrelevant, "chose this way" is the key to unlocking supra ideas, and god possibly exists.  Unbeknownst to me, I was not building an unbreakable ground for walking pleasure.  I was practicing the ceaseless act of philosophizing.    

Some readers may scan the above and observe that I am stating nothing new or profound.  Why should you continue reading?  That's a good Socratic question.  Hmm...   only one way to find out.  Leave if you are bored.  The Orenda Variable of fucks given is less than or equal to zero.  Back to the point, I am making an analogy to the obsolete concept of motionless activity in Zeno's Paradox.  If we continue philosophizing on matters that we have already decided upon, only to further transgress or mutate to another plateau of undisclosed elevation, how is life possible for the creative thinker?  Death provides no closer proximity to truth or pride in the actions of the self.  

How does the human woman or man improve?  We seem to retrace and change with age but ascension is never confirmed.  Philosophy acts as a shield for the ignorance of earthly existence.  "I think, therefore I am" resounds with such naivety.  There MUST be some concept that fulfills this idiotic human-creature.  

Art.  It is truly worthy of it's own sentence.  Art transcends scientific, philosophical, and spiritual thought.  It is intangible AND can fuck your mother.  

All humor aside, did I mention that this blog was about love?  


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