Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Two years of work and pain were necessary.  That is the apparent cost to create an album that approaches divine nihilism.  The actual cost is 2 decades of hyper-philosophical thought, over 10 years of serious musicianship, 2 university degrees worth of education, and countless conversations (quite crucial).  Personal friends of mine are aware of my frequent rants about new areas of music.  I never had (stressing the past tense)proof and for that, I apologize!

Studio sessions often brought me to my knees.  This music was scaring me.  It was the Ontological Shock of it all.  Am I a man?  Men have failed to achieve these mental projections.  The inability to rule out extra terrestrial contact is my only significant fear in life so what is this haunting entity?  

On this instance of Orenda, my genre shifts anywhere from African and Indian inspired hip/hop to avant-garde electro pop or even an unimaginable concentration of industrial reggae that came to me in a dream.  Thematically, we venture through the Demiurge concept, the purpose of an Apology, the expectations of society against dissidents, the objectification of men and women, and much more.  I offer these 6 focal points in order to solve my cryptic puzzle of lyrics:  

1. Johann is a liar
2. The Demiurge, a product of
3. Orwell's lunacy
4. I will be condemned, not unlike Socrates
5. Post-modern version of peace
6. If I succumb, this nihilist runs

I will no longer try to convince anyone of my musical theories.  People are often fallible but the music is tangible and will never lie.  I succeeded and we all have to live with what I discovered.  


Sachem Orenda's Apology for Popular Music and the Nihilistic Demiurge is available here:

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