Tuesday, August 28, 2012

THE FULL STEAM - Yours Truly e.p.

The Full Steam is a progressive pop band that recently migrated from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles in pursuit of advancing their careers as professional musicians.  I had heard word of their existence before I left Pittsburgh in 2010, but my ear was still virgin to their sound.  Eric Downs, Full Steam's drummer, was a known player in our music community, and I desired to discover the current incarnation of his prowess.  The trio (Downs, Justin Portis, and DJ Huggy) recently released an e.p. titled Yours Truly (the bands previous moniker), and it rudely invigorates my nervous system.

Justin Portis leads the band with clear vocals and crunchy guitar playing.  The vocals are seamless for a front man.  His guitar riffs showcase a unique sense of simplicity while simultaneously conveying raw power.  They are surprisingly engaging in a fluid way.  Portis is also complemented by the phat strings of DJ Huggy's bass.  Bass gets more attention in the compositions of Yours Truly than it does in the standard rock band.  This provides a sweet vibration to the overall sonic product.  Huggy is a damn fine player too, if I may say so (it's my fucking blog, asshole!).  

On rare occasion, we meet individuals that have a quality or two that push us off balance, and they unknowingly leave an impression on our totality of thoughts.  For me, one such person was Eric Downs.  He was an extremely facetious guy by day and a dedicated musician by that opposite thing.  I witnessed his practice routine once or twice.  It consisted of complex exercises that he would ruthlessly tear through.  I learned the hard way that you will not have much luck getting his attention when he is in this state.  His universe became nothing more than a drum kit and his own body.  Any outside force was dead.  

Laundry Service is the most rockin' track on Yours Truly.  By this, I do not mean that it is the heaviest sound.  I find it to be the most beautiful of the five compositions on the release.  This beauty stimulates the "keep rockin'" trigger in my brain.  It's like my body is on fire, and don't you even fantasize the action of putting it out!  I'm going to burn for the art.  Additionally, Downs sings majestic backup vocals on this piece like that shit is presidential.  

Listening to Yours Truly is a reward for mankind.  Actually, I could have gotten away with saying that about any instance of music, given my philosophies of sound.  Are you reading this blog regularly?  Catch up, sucka.  Regardless, it's a fulfilling experience when you give The Full Steam your attention.  This is a talented trio that we all will be seeing more of in the nearest future.  Enjoy!  

Like The Full Steam on facebook:  www.facebook.com/TheFullSteam

Purchase or listen to Yours Truly:   www.thefullsteam.bandcamp.com 

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