Thursday, August 23, 2012

The "Ontological Shock" of E.T.

Electric Type returns with a new e.p. that threatens humanity.  E.T. is a nearly self-titled collection of tracks, pictures, and story excerpts.  If you liked what you heard with The Ghost in the TV e.p., you are in store for a furthering of Electric Type's natural progression through his life of sexy techno (also known as sexno).

The first track is rather striking for one of Electric's pieces.  90% of his music is instrumental but on Aerogance we hear some smooth auto-tune from Type Rider.  Rida wrote some lyrics that speak from the perspective of Electric Type and his self-proclaimed bright style of cosmic adventuring.  This is definitely a great place to start in the discography if you are not already an avid listener of minimal sexno.

Time Zone is another track that shows the naturalization of Type's music.  I meant the electric one, as there are 2 different types involved.  I think back to 16-bit days of el Sonic when I spin around to Time Zone.  The beat makes parts of my body move that I never knew existed.  This track will be getting the most replay in my library.  Check it.  

I Was Sleeping is a blatant lie.  It is much too articulate and quantified.  That is my only gripe with E.T.  He was probably even multitasking by drinking a Monster because this beat pushes!  The track concludes the e.p. as a 1:45am mellow profession  of love to the club kidz that dance until the last minute.  Da kidz appreciate and thank Electric Type with Monster and cupcakes.

A true Slepmaster of beat theory never regresses.  After the greatness of The Ghost in the TV, I was unsure how Electric Type was going to kick it up another notch but he always finds a method of electrifying by surprise.  You can download this glittering e.p. from the official website while supplies last!  

Download E.T. here:

See Electric Type perform with Sachem Orenda on September 8th!  

Sachem Orenda's culture-defying album is now available!

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