Monday, September 17, 2012

SIGHTREADINGMASTERY.COM - An extraordinary benefit to the 21st-century musician

This is a bit of a one-off article.  I usually write about art, philosophy, and artistic events, but this is a special presentation.  Let us talk of a new tool for advanced musical development.  Ever want to become presidential at sight reading music for piano or another instrument?  If you are anything like me, you have wanted to do this for years but have always found it to be boring and tedious.  What if I told you it would be different this time?  Read on because you just hit the jackpot, sugar.

Evan Murphy created a website devoted to helping people with this problem that I and many other musicians have experienced.  The site is called SightReadingMastery, and it's a beautiful invention.  That's not even a metaphor.  Aesthetically speaking, SRM is the most perfect website that I have ever seen.  In the past, I have pulled up scores of music on my computer, but I have never tried to read from it.  I would always print them because I found it strenuous to look at it on my screen.  On Murphy's site, I feel compelled to slam the power button on my M-Audio Venom and go to the city (always been my preference to towns).  

I began playing with the beta version of SRM and found it to be a fun and simplistic experience.  I must stress the advantage of the simplicity.  The website does not throw frivolous information and extra pages at you.  It gives the musician what they need to accomplish his/her goals without the distractions of excessive content.  Evan deserves much praise for this ingeniously comfortable design.

After the initial trial, I began to explore the intermediate and advanced exercises.  I was lookin' and likin'.  The exercises become more rockin' and more enjoyable as the user's skill grows.  They are challenging in a really fun way, and you even get to learn techniques of different genres.  I played some classical, ragtime, and bluesy material.  One other aspect of note is that these lessons are not watered down in any way.  They are dynamically diverse from the beginning and also provide some direction for proper fingerings.  This is an exceptional and professional course to becoming a great pianist.  

From fulfilling melodies to surprising bonus exercises, you will have a blast at SRM.  Despite my aging iMac, I am always at ease as each lesson loads and plays flawlessly. is currently available for pianists, but Evan informed me that other instruments may be accessible shortly.  If you are not a keyboardist, see if the layout fits your needs and subscribe to the Facebook or Twitter page for updates on other instruments.  I can't wait to have this groundbreaking resource for guitar and voice!

-Sachem Orenda                             

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THAT SHIT IS PRESIDENTIAL! - a modest review of ServersDown

ServersDown?  I've heard that term before.  Up, I like it when it's up!  I always could relate to Norm Macdonald.  Brian Harrison decided he was going to experience rebirth as ServersDown, electro extraordinaire, and somehow delivered a third threat.  This threatening feat of engineering is labeled as the Future Times Four E.P. 

An eerie painting is represented in the opening track.  Fans of Electric Type will enjoy Harrison's style.  I would describe it as minimal sexno with an enormous projection of sound.  Yes, that shit IS presidential!  One presidential turn deserves another.  Architecture is Cool emerges from the second audio file (like when Some Great Reward is trying to seduce Playing the Angel).  Titles are like the mouth part of a child's face.  They can say it all (thanks again, Jack Handey!).  I cannot stress the perfection of Server's title.  The composition is a gorgeous edifice of cool.  There are only two other names that could have possibly fit this romantic profession.  They are: Creation is Presidential and Glitter Sluts ain't half bad               

Catchy melodies and consistent pulses ravage the air in SD's "assorted collection."  Alignment starts to make me move in my typing chair.  The percussion is not excessively dancetastic but the bass gets me.  Oh Brian,  I thought you knew nothing about me!  

Move has vocals from some Cassangy-thing.  Perhaps it is the human devotion to words, but this track stands way out.  Danceable, lovely, sexy, cute, yeah!!!  The synths begin to rock out, and a distinguished voice syllabizes (I tried to make up a word, but my sources say it already exists) proudly.  If you were looking for atmosphere, you came to the right locale.  

Say, that was a sexual experience.  ServersDown is new to the music world and is already kickin' on par with established artists.  Occasionally, music incarnates the sensitivity of a generation without years of effort.  Brian Harrison might be the next Paul McGranite.  Fuck.  The universe will not handle this well.  Let's not mention it.    

-Sachem Orenda


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