Monday, September 17, 2012

THAT SHIT IS PRESIDENTIAL! - a modest review of ServersDown

ServersDown?  I've heard that term before.  Up, I like it when it's up!  I always could relate to Norm Macdonald.  Brian Harrison decided he was going to experience rebirth as ServersDown, electro extraordinaire, and somehow delivered a third threat.  This threatening feat of engineering is labeled as the Future Times Four E.P. 

An eerie painting is represented in the opening track.  Fans of Electric Type will enjoy Harrison's style.  I would describe it as minimal sexno with an enormous projection of sound.  Yes, that shit IS presidential!  One presidential turn deserves another.  Architecture is Cool emerges from the second audio file (like when Some Great Reward is trying to seduce Playing the Angel).  Titles are like the mouth part of a child's face.  They can say it all (thanks again, Jack Handey!).  I cannot stress the perfection of Server's title.  The composition is a gorgeous edifice of cool.  There are only two other names that could have possibly fit this romantic profession.  They are: Creation is Presidential and Glitter Sluts ain't half bad               

Catchy melodies and consistent pulses ravage the air in SD's "assorted collection."  Alignment starts to make me move in my typing chair.  The percussion is not excessively dancetastic but the bass gets me.  Oh Brian,  I thought you knew nothing about me!  

Move has vocals from some Cassangy-thing.  Perhaps it is the human devotion to words, but this track stands way out.  Danceable, lovely, sexy, cute, yeah!!!  The synths begin to rock out, and a distinguished voice syllabizes (I tried to make up a word, but my sources say it already exists) proudly.  If you were looking for atmosphere, you came to the right locale.  

Say, that was a sexual experience.  ServersDown is new to the music world and is already kickin' on par with established artists.  Occasionally, music incarnates the sensitivity of a generation without years of effort.  Brian Harrison might be the next Paul McGranite.  Fuck.  The universe will not handle this well.  Let's not mention it.    

-Sachem Orenda


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