Tuesday, October 2, 2012

KNACK IT OFF, FRAG-FACE! - A less than reasonable eyewitness report on Zen for Primates

Lotta talk about these Zenful chaps in the Lehigh Valley.  Descriptions have been odd and attractive to an oddly beautiful guy like me.  They say you have never lived until you've seen Zen for Primates.  If I'm an unborn 24-year-old man, my mother's uterus must give her a lot of pain (thank you, Dan Mintz).  Zen were enjoyable and funny in the same manner that my mother's pain was not.

Just who were these Primitive Primate Prometheans?  Well, no one really knows the truth (bunch of nihilists in the audience that night).  I will explain my apparent experience.  The jazzy-comedic-strange-pop quartet consisted of violin, cello, sax/harmonica, guitar, and vocals.  Percussion ran away.  They was aight with that.

The frontman of the band was quite an amusing mammal.  T. Roth told some hilarious jokes in between songs and also mixed in his humor into the pieces themselves.  The audience loved him in his minor details.  I Feel Good was spoken with little to no emotion.  His humor was dry and alternative.  We likes, we does like that.        

An accurate measurement of place-rightness for an individual at any specific moment would have to be whether or not My Sharona is playing.  This was the opening tune of the concert at Allentown Symphony Hall's Jazz Upstairs series (an amazing gem in the culture of the valley!!).  I rated my life at 627 Orendas out of 642 Orendas.  Score.  Is you imagining that?

I spoke with Mike Krisukas, Zen's guitarist, after the show.  He explained that he was the primary songwriter, and he was a big fan of Frank Zappa.  Double points!  So I's mentioning to him that from the talk of the town, I was anticipating a more avant-garde performance.  Mike says to me:  "I expected this project to go into that direction eventually, but it just never ended up that way."  A strange feeling permeates within my flesh and tells me that this is directly correlated with the large popularity of Zen for Primates.  Care to join me at the next ZfP concert?

-Sachem Orenda  

Concerts at Allentown Symphony Hall:  www.allentownsymphony.org
Comedian Dan Mintz:  www.danmintz.com and www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUNJeffmLZE

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