Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I can tell what you are thinking.  It is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  This will go down in history as a historical firework.  Money Beats have arrived.  They were delivered from the Chris.  Thank you Based God (for allowing us to live long enough to hear this release).  I finally met Chris Big Money in September, and his description of the upcoming album, Money Beats, left me drooling in anticipation.    

Today's artistic principle is that an album has extremely important musical significance.  Digital music has led us further into a single-driven music world.  I have oft considered giving up on albums and pushing only singles in my career as a composer.  Chris Big Money taught me a lesson with Money Beats.  Let me explain, you interrupting ass!  Up and coming electronic music podcast, The TechnoPod, gave us the first glimpse at what Money Beats had to offer.  They played Passion (House Is The).  I was impressed with timbral qualities but reasonably unmoved by the composition.  Passion is the third track on the album, and it created fulfillment through contrast.  The musical context of the passage from the perspective of an album was glorious!  I now see full-length albums as the modern evolution of large-scale classical music pieces.  You can't understand all of Beethoven's genius in one middle fragment of a work.

The introductory dollar pulse is called All Your Money Are Belong To Me.  This amused me before I hit play.  I was drastically more amused afterwards.  There is no hesitation with professionalism or entertainment.  Chris SHOWS US THE MONEY right away!  I didn't even get to say "Give us the shit."  ...Belong To Me is funky, dubstepy, and god damn dance-tastic!  Additionally this is an amazing track of continuous excitement.  It gets better as it goes!  Damn damn damn can't write sentences ljdalfkjdlfksj I'm dancing in my damn damn chair lkjdalsfhdl as I listen to this mother FUCKING track!!!!!!! kdjalfsdkjflsakfjdsl.  

I've heard the powers of Chris Big Money in the past, but he took his game to a completely different island of sex, love, kitty kats, humor, and rock.  I'm literally dragging with time commitments because I keep dancing instead of thinking thoughts to finish this article.  Let's get back to da kitties.  Kitty Kat Swag sounds like it could be the most popular song of the album.  I won't spoil the lyrics, but they made me laugh out loud while sitting by myself in the studio.  Seriously check this one out (full album context preferred!).  

Vote Big Money!  There is still time!  A day of elections?  I was feeling a slightly different word while listening to these hoTT tracks.  Neva did I think such inspiration would invigorate my blood as I awoke this morning.  If you see it coming, it probably will not hit you.  Please feel free to email me (sachemorenda@gmail.com) your reactions to Money Beats.  CBM, thank you for your artistic contributions.  With all of that in mind, let the conservatives have sex and the liberals go to the hospital! 

-Sachem Orenda

Listen to Money Beats on Spotify or get the album on iTunes:
Check out The TechnoPod here:   www.thetechnopod.com

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