Wednesday, February 25, 2015

SACHEM ORENDA - Studio Blog #1

Treelady Studios is the place to be if you don't like trees.  This is mostly because it is indoors.  I've always wanted to go there for other reasons, namely recording music.  I am sitting in the studio now after 48 hours of recording and mixing my new single with the legendary Dave Hidek.

Dave and I touching mixers.
Let's back up.  There is a  little place called "The Music Building" that houses the University of Pittsburgh's music department.  I had the fortune of being a student-worker at this location for all four years of my undergraduate studies.  During this period, I made lasting friendships with countless musicians, and it always seemed that I made extra-strong bonds with the other student workers in The Music Building.  One of these persons is sir David Hidek.  I particularly looked up to this friendly fellow when I was a 17-year-old Freshman that knew nothing about music recording.  Dave was already interning at Treelady and could answer all of my ridiculously ignorant questions such as "which of these softwares will make my music sound the best?"

One day this Hidekian man was having a senior recital.  He called me up and said "Sachem, can you bring a lamp?", but I didn't own a lamp.  [Don't tell anyone, but] I abused my power as a guard of The Music Building, used my entrance key when the building was closed to the public, grabbed a lamp out of the jazz room, and ran to Bellefield Hall.  I kick the door open (would have looked cool if actually happened) looked at dave, and said "did somebody order a lamp?"

Choosing the right music producer can be stressful.  Dave moved up to head engineer at Treelady, got a master's degree in composing music, plays drums, reads books on music psychology, AND has written his own electronic music.  Once I got the serious thought in my head to possibly drive all the way back to Pittsburgh to make my new album, the choice was obvious.  I wanted to work with Dave and no one else.  

Now, we have wrapped up the first mix of the upcoming single to my album on Feminism.  I can say with certainty that I made the right choice to record at Treelady Studios.  We still have to go through a few rounds of mixing before the final version is ready, but anti-feminists beware - Dave and I are about to sonically kick your asses!


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  1. Ok this whole Majestic story, and your music still sounds like shit? I don't get where any magic happened... seriously confused. Show me on the doll where David Bowie touched you...